There It Is—Take It! is available as a free download (85.7 MB) for the entire program (1.33:36). Burn the program on a CD (requires 2) or upload it to your mobile device as a podcast.*

For the Soundcloud mobile device tour version, click here.

Download the PDF audio tour map (1.9 megs) for your travels. The map is best printed on 11 x 17 inch tabloid paper.

Be sure to share your favorite tracks on your social networking platform of preference by clicking on the ‘share’ button for each track.

Individual tracks (17 total/132.5 MB) can be downloaded by selecting each track in the set list below. It is suggested that you create a folder for the entire set.

* Playback of the entire program online is not recommended as sound glitches may be present while streaming this large file. Instead, listen to the set track list above. Sound glitches will not be present in the full program after download to your computer or device is complete.

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